Rhonda J. Dolen

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Hopelessly Romantic Poems Collection

Hopelessly Romantic Poems is a collection of powerful poems covering the many shades of romance and life from a romantic's point of view. From the highest heights of glorious love to the depths of despair, this book contains poems ranging from sweet to tantalizing to coy to elevated to dark to inspired to ignited to darling. You will want to cut out poems from the collection and paste them to your wall or stick them in your wallet or leave them on the pillow for your loved one to wake up to. Each poem is meant to capture a feeling and portray it completely. Written over ten years, this work will surely have something to inspire you.


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About the Author

Rhonda Dolen has a MA in Political Science and a BA in History. She also attended law school, but decided she did not like it. She grew up in California and currently lives in Pennsylvania. She has also lived in Arkansas and Texas. She likes the beach, iced tea, raspberry beer, action movies, cooking healthy food, baking rich desserts and visiting New York City often. She is also a hopeless romantic. 

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