Two Books by

Susan Singer Kerschner

First Book:

The Shoulders of Country Roads:
My Journey from Head and Neck Cancer

This is not a sad story, nor does it attempt to hide the horrific details of head and neck cancer. The poet takes the reader through the course of the disease beginning with the discovery of her cancer. The crossover of word-as-art and the gritty realm of medical treatment comprise the world within "The Shoulders of Country Roads." A single haiku carries her story to its positive finish:

Molecular storm
science defies hurricane
disease exiting

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About the Author

Susan Kerschner's poems have appeared ​i​n ​the anthology The  Burden of  Light:  Poems on Illness and Loss;  Shirazad;  ​Arts Connection;   BardFest ​Anthology; Circle Magazine; small press periodicals including River Poets (Lily  Press); The  River of  Bucks County, PA and ​other ​online literary magazines.  She was​ featured​ in the Poets & Painters exhibit at the Berks Arts Council event at the Reading​ Pagoda Gallery.  She won ​poetry ​awards in​ two Summit Arts competition​s​ in Schuylkill  County,  PA.  She  is a ​poetry​ judge in the annual Young Poets competition grades K-12 in Berks County, PA schools, and is presently working on releasing her second  ​book of poems, Soul  and Bone.​  Her story as a writer was profiled  in MD Anderson Cancer Center's Summer 2013 Network Magazine, page 3.

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Susan Singer Kerschner

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Second Book

Soul and Bone

To lose a father or parent is universal. The ability to voice that grief is what is unique about the collection of poems in Soul and Bone. Her father's life, beginning with his early years as a World War II bomber pilot, is laid out before the reader in the finest detail through simple experiences. We can examine our own grief through the poet's personal allegory, yet taste the acrid emotion evoked through her words, and perhaps reconcile how it feels to be without a loved one who was with us from our beginning. 

Soul and Bone is Susan Singer Kerschner's second book to bring us through a very personal journey. Unlike a compilation of unrelated poems, this pointed focus on the theme of loss turns the ordinary into a poignant reaction to what is really churning in the heart and mind of the one left behind.


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